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Copy natural beauty with digital dentistry

  Digitally copying natural beauty instead of trying to recreate it is the perfect way to get the most beautiful results. With 3d scanning and milling of fine ceramics, teeth can be restored to their sometimes former beauty, but other times the effect can be quite astounding!
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Digital Cosmetic Dentistry

[video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video]   If you think you're losing your edge It might be time for a little digital design. Digitally designing your smile can target worn teeth and also the cause behind excessive tooth wear. Correcting tooth wear is probably the most anti-ageing effect available of all cosmetic treatments. When looking for improving…
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A Brace You Cannot See

So what is the Clearsmiles Aligner System? Clearsmiles Aligner System gradually and discretely improves the alignment of your teeth by wearing a series of clear aligners. Each aligner can move the tooth by half a millimetre, so is very efficient for short term orthodontic movements.  A discipline of short-term orthodontics with the focus on correcting…
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Adult Orthodontics

Straighter Teeth You could be forgiven for thinking straightening adult teeth is the same as straightening teeth for children. Whereas the bones in children are still forming and can be pushed into line with ease, adult bones have already developed and hardened, so need a much softer approach. The appliances used and the techniques are…
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Dental Health

Adult dentistry is about making your mouth healthy Its a telling fact that adults live with their past, and this also includes living with what has happened with their teeth. Prevention and maintenance is a buzz word used in all sorts of industries, but this has never been so true than in dental care. Dental…
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If Your Teeth Could Talk …

If Your Teeth Could Talk … Your Mouth Offers Clues to Disorders and Disease; Dentist Plays a Larger Role in Patient Care   Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your mouth provides an even better view of the body as a whole.   Some of the earliest signs of diabetes, cancer,…
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