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Regular Reviews are Essential

Essential for achieving and maintaining good oral health and keeping your teeth in pristine condition, is effective and ongoing oral care. This is achieved by scheduling regular Dental Health Review appointments, coupled with professional teeth cleaning to remove hard plaque which contain the harmful bacteria that cause inflammation in your gums and damage teeth.

A person's dental condition can change quickly, and they may not even notice. Problems are often only discovered once pain sets in or tooth loss is inevitable.

Making an Appointment is Easy

To make an appointment call Blackburn 01254 208044, and feel reassured that you have taking your first step towards maintaining your dental health in a safe and reassuring way.

Magicsmiles will focus on all your normal dental health enquiries with preventative treatments like small white fillings, gum cleaning and teeth polishing. Feel safe and confident that because of regular dental care . . . you too have one less worry.

When you are looking to register with dentists in Blackburn, think about exactly what you want from your dentist. Do you want your dentist to be welcoming? Do you want the environment to be modern and relaxing? Are they easy to find, and then do you want easy parking? Do they present you with the most modern approaches to highly pleasing dental work backed by many years of experience supported by recognition in the dental industry?

At Magicsmiles Dental Studios you will receive a warm welcome and the highest standards of professional care. The environment is relaxed and even the most anxious dental patient can feel reassured.

The focus is consistently on the well-being and comfort of the patient. In keeping with this, the practice and all equipment are state-of-the-art, providing dental care with the least discomfort possible today.

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Smiling Really Does Improve Attractiveness

A Relaxing Journey
From the moment you call us to book your first appointment to going home with your new smile we promise to ensure that every step of your journey is as relaxing, comfortable and stress free as possible. Our approach is very much patient-centred we promise to listen to your needs and concerns first and then provide you with the treatment to meet your requirements.

If you want to understand a way to overcome dental phobia print "Coping at the Dentist" from the Download Coping at the Dentist information sheet.

The Magic Smile

Magicsmiles Dental Studios is a Blackburn dentist which is within easy travelling distance from anywhere in Lancashire. People come from the local neighbourhoods like Cherry Tree, Feniscowles and Pleasington, to local towns like Accrington, Oswaldtwistle, Great Harwood, Rishton, Wilpshire, Langho, Ribble Valley, and nearby towns from Preston, Clitheroe, Burnley, Darwen and Bolton.


New Patients are Welcomed


Blackburn Dentist Providing Award Winning Dental Care without Fear.
No Anxiety. No Pain. No Worries.

Magicsmiles Dental Studios – will help with all of your normal dentistry as well as advanced restorative treatment, smile makeovers and short term adult orthodontics.

How can we help make your smile better?

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Guidance for New Patients
Telephone 01254 208044

Step 1: Arrange an Oral Health Assessment. (Introduce yourself to us using Facebook Like - just press like below, and also be the first to see special offers and news)

Step 2: Let us know if a morning or afternoon appointment is better for you

Step 3: Get ready for your Magicsmiles Treatment!

Decontamination & Infection Control
We take infection control very seriously. All metal instruments are cleaned and sterilised in the decontamination area which is visible from the reception area where you can sit. We use as many disposable items as possible, so that they can be thown away after single use.

Cold sores are infectious, infection control guidelines advise your dental treatment is continued after your coldsore has healed completely. Also, if you have had sickness and diarhoea, or flu symptoms your dentist may continue with treatment 48 hours after recovery.


New Patients are welcomed at Magicsmiles. Applicants must be 18 yrs or over, and be able to provide legal consent to dental treatment.

To find out how cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile, your confidence, your life, (and to see before and after photo examples), contact us right now to book your Dental Health Review.

Conducting a thorough Oral Health Assessment is crucial in identifying existing problems and preventing potential problems from arising in the future. A complete profile of your oral and general health will allow our team to identify and discuss areas of concern and prescribe the exact treatment required to resolve them.

New Patients are Welcome - New Oral Health Assessment

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