Digital Cosmetic Dentistry


If you think you're losing your edge

It might be time for a little digital design. Digitally designing your smile can target worn teeth and also the cause behind excessive tooth wear. Correcting tooth wear is probably the most anti-ageing effect available of all cosmetic treatments.

When looking for improving your smile or regaining lost years due to worn, cracked, twisted or discoloured teeth then digitally designed cosmetic dentistry may be for you.

 Until recently, the vast majority of dentists were concerned with bacterial decay and the choice of treatment limited to filling with amalgam or extraction. 

Teeth are broken or lost due to overloading

Overloading the teeth can cause ten to wear excessively, or even start breaking up one by one. If you think there is a problem with teeth fringing or clenching then it's better to have treatment to correct your bite. It is always preferable to have small treatments before anything is broken than extensive treatments to rebuild lost and broken teeth afterwards. Unfortunately, most people only see the need once the teeth have started breaking up, but spotting early signs of overloading and instability can have a huge impact on your future dental health and treatment requirements.

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