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Top 10 Signs You’re a Grinder

Top 10 Signs You’re a Grinder (and why that’s not good) Call it bruxing, grinding, clenching or gnashing. It all refers to the extremely concentrated and long term pressure being applied to our teeth. Many times, we’re not aware it’s happening because it usually occurs while we’re sleeping. It’s safe to say that more than 50%…
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This is how I remember you ….

  This is how I remember you ..... Digitally Designed Dentistry at Magicsmiles. Designing and treating with the end result in mind provides the best tools to transform your smile and transform every area of your life as a result.  
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Diamondsmiles Whitening

White Teeth are Associated with Beauty and Health A brighter whiter smile can boost your confidence and self esteem. Our teeth inevitably become stained by every day activities such as drinking red wine, coffee, eating staining foods and smoking. Although regular brushing and professional polishing can help to keep your teeth clean and remove surface…
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