Amy Ansell talks to Live Ribble Valley about the cosmetic orthodontic treatment that changed her life


Dance and fitness instructor Amy Ansell, who got married ion October, explains how cosmetic orthodontics and whitening treatments gave her the smile she has always wanted for her wedding day. The treatment has also given her renewed confidence.

Amy, what made you decide to seek cosmetic orthodontic treatment?

I was getting married and simply wanted to have a nice, straight smile - something I have never had in my life! I never had straight teeth as a child and as I got older they seemed to be getting more prominent and started crossing over, and I became quite self conscious about it.

What made you choose Magicsmiles?

My mum works fro the NHS and one of her colleagues there recommended Magicsmiles. As soon as I walked in they were so friendly. Dr Shabs Patel at Magicsmiles advised me what treatment I needed to get the smile I wanted.

Did you feel comfortable during your treatment?

Yes, I did. The team  at Magicsmiles are like a family. You are more than just a name or a number - they treat you as an individual and always explain everything involved when you are undergoing treatment.

Finally, how has orthodontic treatment changed your life? Would you recommend it?

It absolutely changed my life! I can now smile with lots of confdence. I am delighted with the results and would recomend it to anyone. My family and friends think my teeth look fantastic. They are amazed at the results - now my mum wants her's done!

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