Dental Health

Adult dentistry is about making your mouth healthy

Its a telling fact that adults live with their past, and this also includes living with what has happened with their teeth. Prevention and maintenance is a buzz word used in all sorts of industries, but this has never been so true than in dental care. Dental prevention and maintenance has been proven to help people protect themselves from bacterial decay and gum disease, and it is now possible to keep this under control for many years.

Plaque is the enemy

It is now well researched and documented that plaque is the enemy of dental health. In order for an adult to maintain their teeth from the biological impact of dental plaque is plaque control. To put it simply, you can control your dental health by controlling your plaque.

The good news is that materials have been available for a number of years now which prevent the growth of plaque for 12 hours once your teeth have been cleaned. The bad news is that you are back to normal after 12 hours and vulnerable to the old fashioned decay and gum disease.  Scientists discovered that if this antibacterial ingredient can be added to a regular toothpaste and applied to the teeth every 12 hours, it could put an end to gum disease and bacterial decay forever!

Gone are the days when you expected to have a filling or extraction at every visit.

Unlike the old style fillings which were never glued in, the technology now used in the manufacture of dental materials and bonding agents, bacteria find it very difficult to penetrate the joints under fillings that allow the old style fillings to fail. However, it does need a lot of training to be able to use these hi tech  materials and time needs to be taken to get the best bacterial seal.

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