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White Teeth are Associated with Beauty and Health

A brighter whiter smile can boost your confidence and self esteem. Our teeth inevitably become stained by every day activities such as drinking red wine, coffee, eating staining foods and smoking. Although regular brushing and professional polishing can help to keep your teeth clean and remove surface staining they cannot remove deeply embedded stains

The DiamondSmiles Whitening Process is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your image and put more sparkle in your smile. With the DiamondSmiles Whitening, the color of the enamel is lightened, and the teeth look younger, healthier and brighter. for further information on Diamondsmiles

DiamondSmiles Whitening Process now available in Blackburn ... Don't wait until the last minute

We are hoping that summer does end up showing up for us and with that brings the season of weddings, holidays, and graduations. As we all know this means photos that will capture these special moments forever. Many people want to get their teeth whitened for these occasions but wait too long and can miss out on getting their teeth as white as possible.

Booking ahead is a must if you want your smile to blossom in time for any of these occasions. There are two reasons for this. First, as weddings, holidays, graduations, and other photo-filled events approach, we anticipate a high demand for cosmetic and whitening services. Second, we want you to have time to enjoy the process and updated smile !

How It Works ...

Oxygen released from the DiamondSmiles Whitening gel is absorbed into the enamel, breaking down years of gradual discolouration and whitens the colour of your teeth. The DiamondSmiles Whitening gel also contains powerful desensitising agents and also Amorphous Calcium Phosphate which thickens and protects the enamel at the microscopic level.

The result is whiter teeth and a fresher looking smile.

Before: Real Feelings, Real Smiles

Journey to a Magicsmile which is a dentist in Blackburn Lancashire

After: For a Dazzling White Smile that Truly Beams with Happiness

Journey to a Magicsmile which is a dentist in Blackburn Lancashire

The DiamondSmiles Whitening Process can lighten your teeth by up to 8 Shades Whiter. The ACP described on this page adds lustre and shine to the enamel surface. Just like the deep conditioning you can have for your hair which you can only get done at the hairdressers, DiamondSmiles is a home and surgery process with very satisfactory results.


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Group bookings can be taken for Weddings and Special Occasions. There is no better time to look your best, than all of the time! But for those moments that fall into the "Best Days of My Life", see the difference a whiter, fresher smile can make. We can arrange wedding bookings for a minimum of a 5 person group. You and your friends can look your best, on your special days. Magicsmiles will pay for the bride (*Terms and Conditions Apply).

Before: Yellow Teeth Whiten the Best with DiamondSmiles

Journey to a Magicsmile which is a dentist in Blackburn Lancashire

After: For a Dazzling White Smile that Truly Beams with Happiness

Journey to a Magicsmile which is a dentist in Blackburn Lancashire

In this case, the teeth were whitened using the DiamondSmiles Whitening Process. The results speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the DiamondSmiles Whitening Process?

We support the use 16% Carbamide Peroxide as the primary active ingredient during the pre-conditioning phase. A powerful desensitiser is also added for added comfort and also Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) to protect and thicken the enamel at a microscopic level. At these concentrations, the whitening effect is more gradual, but there is evidence to show there is less sensitivity and the whitening effect can be longer lasting as well.

Once the pre-conditioning has been carried out for 14 nights, a second whitening phase is carried out in the surgery using Hydrogen Peroxide Gel, especially developed for deep whitening tooth enamel (and protect your teeth with more ACP).

Does whitening make your teeth more sensitive?

Your teeth will often be temporarily more sensitive to certain foods or hot or cold beverages for a short period of time after the bleaching process has begun. After completion, this sensitivity settles quickly, and your teeth will return to normal. Avoid acidic foods and drinks like orange juice during this period.

The powerful desentisers added to the whitening gels really do work, and so does the Amorsphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) . Incidentally, ACP can be used without any whitening ingredient to thicken and protect the enamel without any colour change. It was designed to strengthen the enamel of eroded teeth, but has since been found useful in applications like professional teeth whitening.

Our patients who have used the Diamondsmiles Whitening Process have reported no significant sensitivity, which we found very reassuring for such a dramatic whitening process.

What if I have gum recession?

Sensitive toothpastes really do work, but you might need to try a few brands first to see which one helps you most. We prefer to avoid bleaching gel on the exposed root surfaces where the gums have receeded. We can adjust the whitening trays so they seal the gels away from these areas.

However, many people have noticed an improvement in their gums due to the oxygen released during the whitening process.

One Final Point

If you have crowns, bonding or fillings, they will NOT change colour. So, before you decide to bleach, you will want to change them to match your new whiter smile. If you do NOT wish to replace these restorations, or cannot change them to a lighter colour for some other reason, then dental bleaching may not be the right procedure for you.


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